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UK Independence Party (UKIP)

In their own words:

"UKIP is the only real opposition to our cross-party political establishment. There is no real difference between the Conservative, Labour and Lib-Dem parties.

They all want continued membership of the European Union, they all want continued mass immigration, and they are all out of touch with the vast majority of voters.

If you go on voting for them then you cannot expect any different outcomes.

If you want something different then support, join and vote UKIP.

Under my leadership UKIP will be the Party that represents freedom:

Freedom from the European Union.
Freedom from political correctness and Cultural Marxism.
Freedom of speech.
Freedom to be proud to be British.
Freedom to be proud of our history and heritage.
Freedom to live under our laws – not the laws of Brussels.

UKIP’s mission is to show the way forward for Britain as an independent, self-governing, democratic nation.

We want trade, friendship and co-operation with the world.

We want a political system and government that represents the real interests of our country and our people."